In 1976, we started our production period with the production of catgut and continue today with the production of synthetic surgical suture in Izmir as Katsan Surgical Sutures. Katsan with more than 35 years’ experience has become a preferred manufacturer of surgical suture in almost all hospitals of Turkey. Fully engaged in manufacturing with domestic capital, Katsan A.S. with more than 40 distributors in all over Turkey and abroad, offer a solution partnership for surgical suture for both state and private hospitals. With the flexibility and experience of making our own production, we present a wide range of products to meet the demands of all surgeons and nurses as soon as possible. In T.R. Ministry of Health approved facilities, by creating world-class sterile conditions, manufactured surgical suture contain a variety for different surgical operations.

Our goal is to make every stage of surgical sutures manufacturing in our facilities for reducing the dependence of health sector on outside in Turkey. With fully CE marked surgical suture, ISO 13485 quality certificate, with the employees carrying out their work being aware of the value we add to human life, we continue to work as an important brand and value in the field of surgical suture in Turkey.