Partially Absorbable Mesh (Polypropylene 50%+ PGCL 50%)

Teramesh® Composite is a partially absorbable knitted mesh. Manufactured from approximately equal parts o absorbable Polyglycolic Acid- co- caprolactone 25 monofilament fiber. Absorbable part of mesh is homogeneously absorbed in 90-110 days, after absorption of PGCL component, only PP mesh remains and provides maximum patient comfort.

Teramesh® Composite can be use in open surgery and laparoscopic operations. DOWNLOAD IFU file for this product.


  • Less stiff > After partial absorption, lower risk of pain with more soft and pliable mesh.
  • Minimized foreign body > Lower risk of long- term side effects due to less residual foreign body remained after partial absorbability.
  • Sufficient strength > Before absorption – rigid enough for easy manipulation.
  • After partial absorption – retains sufficient strength for enduring normal abdominal pressure.
  • Teramesh® Composite Meshes are sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.
  • Teramesh® Composite Mesh is bio-compatible. ISO 10993 Bio-compatibility results are available to our customers upon request.

Technical Features



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