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Katsan Surgical Sutures, a leading synthetic surgical suture manufacturing company in Turkey, was founded in 1976 as a catgut producer. Katsan is striving for higher quality products and a bigger market share by using innovative technologies.

Katsan has a broad range of products that are being used in both human health and veterinary practices. Our portfolio includes synthetic surgical sutures, hemostats and mesh. We conduct researches in our R&D department in order to improve quality and efficiency of marketed products and new projects. The Company’s distribution network consists of North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Oceania region.

With our fully CE marked and ISO 13485 quality certificated product array that are produced in our T.R. Ministry of Health approved facilities, we produce world-class sterile surgical medical devices for a variety of surgical operations.

Our company success depends on high-performing and professional employees who are experts in their own fields and the creative solutions that we give to our customers.

At Katsan, we are responsible to improve quality of lives of the patients, meet the demands of customers and surgeons and we achieve these through ethical practice and by being respectful to our environment.


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